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Private Lending

Foundation Properties Private Lending

Private lending gives you the opportunity for a secure investment with a high rate of return. Most of our properties require between a $10,000 – $100,000 investment secured by a promissory note, hazard insurance naming you as the beneficiary, mortgage on the property and lender title insurance.

We purchase properties at a discounted rate, no more than 70% LTV (loan to value). Depending on the type of property and length of loan we pay between 8-12% APR and will borrow the money for approximately 12 – 36 months. Funds will help with the purchase of the property and or repairs if needed.

Foundation Properties handles all property maintenance and tenant relations working with Citywide Rentals. You simply earn interest on your loan and we can make a monthly payment to your account or accrue interest payments until the end of the loan.

With a volatile stock market and banks paying next to nothing on interest, private lending with Foundation Properties is an excellent way to get your money working at a much higher percentage rate while feeling secure investing with a company that has a reputable history. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable lending on properties that are profitable and a great option for your portfolio.

Foundation Properties can also use funds from your 401k or IRA by rolling them over to a self directed account, potentially creating a tax-free account through the ROTH option. We have partnered with Equity Trust Company for self-directed lending accounts. Please contact your accountant, lawyer, or financial professional for your specific needs.



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